Ts & Cs

Terms & Conditions

£5 Donation to charity

- ALL profits raised will go to West Dunbartonshire Food Bank.

- For every £5 donation (and multiples thereof) will count with your name being added to the draw. For example 2 x £5 donation will offer 2 entries for random draw.

- The cost of the MOT will be covered by us, any remedial work required will NOT be covered by us and must be met by you.

- The cost of standard service parts for your vehicle will be covered by us, any additional costs relating to premium, OEM or specialist oils/filters etc must be met by you.

- The Dash Cam requires an SD card to operate, we will NOT provide this and must be supplied by you. We will install the camera to the vehicle providing all necessary body panels can be readily removed and accessible.

- Photo of your vehicle and you will be required for promotional purposes and will be posted online, our website and social media.

- Draw will take place via third party random name selector app no later than 17:00hrs on 29th June 2020 using LIVE stream on facebook.

- You will be required to answer a very simple question if selected, this way this is not a lottery nor a game of chance and means we do not need a gaming licence. If you are unable to answer the very simple question there will be a redraw until a person is able to answer the very simple question.

- Prize is non transferable.

- Any fees associated with making any donation must be met by you. It's for charity, don't be tight !!!!

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