Refer A Friend Ts & Cs

Refer A Friend - Terms & Conditions

  • The referrer must be named at time of booking - if we are unable to confirm the referrer has had work completed by us we reserve the right for proof of work carried out by us before any payment is made. (name, registration number, work complete and a rough month work completed would help us).

  • Does not apply where it is solely an MOT referral. (At the sole discretion of P&D Automotive a £10 payment will likely be made where any follow up work results from the MOT).

  • Work to be completed should be of a value to justify the payment, example, fitting a set of wiper blades as the only work from a referral will not accrue the £10 cash payment - common sense needs to be applied from all parties.

  • The cash payment will only be paid AFTER all work is complete and bill settled, the payment will be made as a cash payment and it will be up to the person receiving to come and collect from us at our premises.

  • The payee will be responsible for any and all requirments for letting HMRC know if appropriate.

  • P&D Automotive can revoke this promotion at any time without giving notice.

  • There is no limit to the amount of referrals that will recieve £10 payment.